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Board of Trustees

The Virginia State University Foundation Board of Trustees holds the Foundation’s financial, physical, and human assets and operations in trust for future generations. Members are leaders in business, education, government and the community-at-large. Each member contributes considerable expertise to advance the mission of the Foundation and the University.

Beverly Everson-Jones, Chair
Emmett E. Smith, Jr., Vice Chair
Samuel R. Rhue, Treasurer
Paul F. Garner, Secretary
Frank Jones, Emeritus

William E. Bailey
Harrison Bonner, III
Frasier Brickhouse, II
Wilbert J. Briggs, Sr.
Charles A. Brockett
Hank Coleman
Kevin Davenport
Brenda Stith Finch
Willis Gay
Dante D. Jackson
Franklin H. Johnson, Jr.
Valerie A. Jones
Vandy Jones, III
Nardos King
George Otey
Reshunda L. Mahone
Xavier Richardson
Connie W. Smith

Robert L. Turner, Jr., Executive Director

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